Hi there!

I’m Johannes! You won't find anything new on this site which is not already on my LinkedIn :)

Living in Amsterdam and working at Cisco.

No longer searching for a job

What's new

There used to be text here

I found an amazing job, so I'm no longer advertising my skills here..

 What I can do

I think it is a bit strange to assign percentages towards skills. Does 90% mean that I am in the top 90 percentile? Maybe. I assigned them myself, I could have just given 100% to all and nobody would contest. Anyway, everybody does it on their personal sites and Résumés so here are some percentages.

Marketing things


IT things


Motivating others


Making coffee


Still here.. 

I really have not much else to talk about here. If you want to reach out for any reason, feel free to email :).

Drawing I got made of myself on Fiverr for $13. Here's the gig.

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