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I’m Johannes! You won't find anything new on this site which is not already on my LinkedIn :)

Moving to Amsterdam July 2020!

Master Student International Marketing

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Studying at FH Campus02 

I believe tech alone isn't enough anymore. I've decided to study and invest my time in marketing because I see many startups with arguably superior products fail. I'd love to work for a start-up or cutting-edge corporation.

 What I can do

I think it is a bit strange to assign percentages towards skills. Does 90% mean that I am in the top 90 percentile? Maybe. I assigned them myself, I could have just given 100% to all and nobody would contest. Anyway, everybody does it on their personal sites and Résumés so here are some percentages.

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Still here.. 

By now, I've informed you that you can find everything on my LinkedIn, but you're still scrolling and reading. In that case, here is some bonus content about me: I'm currently 24 years old and living in Graz, Austria. I'm originally from The Netherlands, where I did my 4-year Bachelor Business IT & Management. I went abroad to the U.S. for half a year and studied Marketing, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the University of Oklahoma. I met my Austrian girlfriend there, which is, long story short, how I ended up in Graz. If you want to reach out for any reason, feel free to email :).

Drawing I got made of myself on Fiverr for $13. Here's the gig.

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